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Cassady Dill
    10 Jan
  1. Earlier today SEOBook shared a post on a Google Application that will do wonders for keeping up with link building prospects. Boomerang fits nicely on your Google toolbar and you can install it here. When composing a message you can select the “Send Later” boomerang tab to schedule when you want that link building proposal/email to go out. This is super helpful for SEO’s who work during hours that aren’t conducive to getting a response. With high traffic or high page rank bloggers link proposals are a dime a dozen and those often get mixed up with other promotional or spammy emails. You increase your chances of getting a fast next workday response if you schedule your email to go out say, 8am the following day.

    The best part about this plugin is its “Boomerang-Like” quality. By selecting the boomerang box you can have your message returned to you if it gets no reply from your prospect. It’s like a virtual return-to-sender! This feature is golden considering any more than 5 emails going out at a time is enough for you to forget about the ones who have not replied to you in the midst of those who actually want a response or post from you. You can have your messaged boomeranged by the hour, day, week and month or even a specific timestamp.


    This plugin is also great for small business professionals and salesman who manage large lead projects on their own.

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