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Cassady Dill
    6 Oct
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    Today I was in a mad frenzy looking for a flash capture to send video emails to my associates for a new site I’m developing. I’m really excited about vlogs and video media and I assure you it is the way of the immediate future. People want information faster and video is an excellent way of getting it out. Unfortunately, the programs for getting things like Youtube and Vimeo content from the web are scarce. So today I asked my friends at MadMimi, a very affordable service and my personal email list management and sender of choice, if they had any ideas.

    I was told that Jing was just what I needed. Jing allows you to take screenshots and make videos of whatever you see on your computer screen. You simply download the free tagger much like the stumbleupon icon, and select the tagger whenever you come across a page you want to capture. It then stores the content for you to send via email, blog, instant message or social media site. Unlike a screenshot Jing allows you to minimize and crop which section of your screen you want to capture! No more sending these images to Paint to be cropped before sending. The best part is that Jing is free. You can send video for only $14.95/YEAR! 

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